EnergyStar Benchmarking and Data Collection

 Comprehensive Utility Data Collection:

  • Extensive experience with various asset types and ownership structures, showcasing versatility and adaptability.
  • “Tried and true” methodology in collecting aggregate whole-building energy usage from Utilities across the county.

Structured Benchmarking Process:

  • We provide a clear 3-step process (measuring, comparing, tracking) which creates a streamlined process for clients.
  • Our benchmarking analysis includes key performance indicators (KPIs) like energy consumption and carbon emissions which helps clients focus on relevant metrics.

Lifecycle Relevance:

  • We provide EnergyStar benchmarking throughout the building’s lifecycle, from acquisition to resyndication.
  • We help clients address mandatory benchmarking requirements and tracking required by various agency requirements.


  • NOI Engineering is an active partner of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®.
  • We have extensive experience with generating ENERGY STAR® Scores for a wide-range of client needs including HUD GreenMIP financing. .

ASHRAE Grade Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling

Early modeling support

We emphasize the importance of early modeling in supporting integrated design decisions and optimizing building energy performance. This is crucial for ensuring projects are energy-efficient from the outset.

Code compliance

Our ability to compare California Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1, and IECC provides our clients with expertise in navigating different building codes and ensuring compliance.

Variety of tools

We are able to utilize a range of tools, from spreadsheets to sophisticated energy modeling programs like EnergyPlus and EQuest. This provides adaptability and ability to cater to different project needs.

Beyond audits

Our energy analysis goes beyond just energy audits by using modeling to calculate payback times of EEMs, size renewable energy systems, and lifecycle costs. This provides clients with a more comprehensive understanding of the financial and environmental benefits of different options.

Performance monitoring

Our energy models calibrated with current energy consumption, which is crucial for ensuring accuracy and for using modeling to track performance against benchmarks.

ASHRAE Grade Energy Audits



  • Value Proposition:  Our energy audits provide the reliability our clients need to achieve HUD GreenMIP funding, certification, compliance, performance improvement, and/or sustainability planning.
  • Comprehensive Report: Our reports include key elements including baseline consumption, benchmarking, problem identification, and recommendations with financial estimates.
  • Detailed Recommendations: Each of our energy conservation measures (ECMs) include specific actionable elements like payback periods, rebates, and emission savings.

    National Green Building Standard

    NGBS is a recognized green certification by HUD, Fannie Mae Green, and Freddie Mac Green Advantage. 

        • Clear Focus: At NOI Engineering, we are committed to supporting the NGBS green building certification program. By choosing NGBS, you can be confident that your project aligns with sustainable practices and attracts clients who value environmentally-friendly construction.
        • Compelling Value Proposition: NGBS certification offers numerous benefits for both owners and potential buyers. With NGBS, your building will be recognized for its sustainability, leading to reduced operating costs and increased return on investment. Additionally, NGBS certification showcases your commitment to environmental responsibility and can help you secure financing from key institutions.
        • Comprehensive Scope: Our expertise in the NGBS program covers the six key areas it encompasses: Lot Design, Preparation, and Development; Resource Efficiency; Energy Efficiency; Water Efficiency; Indoor Environmental Quality; and Building Operation & Maintenance. We understand the importance of addressing these areas comprehensively to ensure your project meets the highest standards of sustainability.
        • Additional Services: In addition to our NGBS expertise, we also provide assistance with land development. Our team can guide you through the entire process, helping you maximize the potential of your property and create sustainable communities beyond just multifamily and mixed-use complexes.

    GreenPoint Rated

    Build It Green, a non-profit dedicated to sustainable buildings, promotes GreenPoint Rated as a way to assess and recognize homes that prioritize:

        • Reduced energy and water consumption: GPR standards consider local climate and market conditions to ensure the project is optimized for efficiency.
        • Healthy indoor environment: Certified GreenPoint Raters evaluate air quality and building materials to create a safe and healthy living space.
        • Sustainable construction: Resource-efficient materials and construction methods are encouraged to minimize environmental impact.

    NOI Engineering’s experienced GreenPoint Raters can guide you through the process, ensuring your project achieves excellence in sustainability and efficiency.

        • Inspections throughout the process: From design phase to final inspection, raters ensure the project adheres to GPR standards.
        • Non-invasive examination: Building systems, materials, and construction quality are evaluated.
        • Performance testing: In many cases, actual energy and water use are measured to verify efficiency.

        Green Globe 

        • Comprehensive certification system: Green Globe certification assesses a building’s sustainability across various categories, including site, energy, water, materials, indoor environment, and operations.
        • Flexible and adaptable: The 1,000-point scoring system with weighted criteria allows building owners to focus on relevant environmental features, avoiding unnecessary penalties and fees.
        • Nationwide applicability: Both new construction and existing buildings of all types can be certified.
        • Industry recognition: Green Globes is approved by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Nevada Green Building Tax Abatement.
        • Full-service support available: NOI Engineering offers Green Globes certified professionals and assessors to guide clients through the certification process.


        Green Globes

        Energy Star Certifications

        ENERGY STAR® is a certification used by local, state and federal programs including Fannie Mae Green Financing, Freddie Mac Green Advantage, and HUD Financing.

        NOI Engineering is a trusted ENERGY STAR® Partner. We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve ENERGY STAR® building certification. We providing targeted information for clients to achieve different ENERGY STAR® certification programs, like performance scores and efficiency requirements.

        • ENERGY STAR® for Existing Buildings recognizes buildings that achieve an ENERGY STAR® Statement of Energy Performance (SEP) Score of 75 or higher. This means they are in the top 25% for energy efficiency in the nation compared with similar buildings—and are professionally verified as meeting current indoor environmental standards.
        • ENERGY STAR® Multifamily High-Rise certification is achieved by designing or rehabilitating your building to meet an energy efficiency of 15% or more than a building built to code. New construction projects should have measures such as efficient building envelopes, heating and cooling systems, and high-performance windows.